Mechanical Ride Rentals

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If you want to impress all guests at your next party or event, a mechanical ride from Gateway Bounce simply cannot be beat! These jaw-dropping party rentals are a sight to behold and are sure to provide your guests with hours of excitement! Our options include the EuroBungy and the Big Jumper, trampoline-based attractions that let riders reach unbelievable heights. We’ve also got the GyroExtreme and for younger guests, the ever-popular Kiddie Swings rental! As always, all of our mechanical rides meet all safety standards, and each rental comes with a professionally-trained operator. If you want to learn more, click on each item and don’t hesitate to call us directly. Book your Mechanical Ride today!
  • EuroBungy
  • GyroExtreme
  • Kiddie Swings
    Kiddie Swings
  • The Big Jumper
    The Big Jumper

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